All About Service Agreements


Are Service ageements to expensive?
The inconvenience, frustration and issues related to system malfunctions can be costly in parts, labor and potentially system replacement, and can all be avoided with proper maintenance. A good preventative maintenance agreement with a well- respected and properly vetted HVAC service provider is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Good service contracts with reputable HVAC service providers do cost money. But the negative impact of equipment failure or inefficient systems can far surpass that cost. You would not drive your car for miles and miles without changing the oil, rotating the tires or replacing the brake pads. So why would anything be different when it comes to heating and air conditioning would not need the same attention and service? HVAC units need to be maintained on a regular basis.

Are service agreements necessary?
Repairs are not always apparent, but regular maintenance helps to ensure that little problems don’t turn into big ones. In addition, a poorly maintained HVAC system can have big implications for a home owner or business’s bottom line.