HVAC Care for the Pet Owner


Proud pet owners have to put up with a lot in order to keep their furry friends around. Pet hair on furniture and dander floating in the air are among the most irritating downsides of sharing your home with a dog or cat. But if those hairs and particles are being scattered around your home, you can bet they’re ending up in your HVAC filter -- and that’s just one way owning a pet can affect your climate control system.

There are special considerations for pet owners when it comes to maintaining an HVAC system and controlling energy use:

Replace filters diligently. If you have one or more shedding pets in the home, you should check your HVAC filter before it’s due for replacement. 

Clean your home regularly. One of the keys to avoiding those filter clogs is preventing most hair and dander from reaching the filter. A lightweight cordless vacuum can make it fairly easy to suck up pet hair around the home every other day.

Bathe and brush your pet. The other key to controlling hair and dander is to harvest it right off your pet’s body before she can scatter it around the home. 

Get your ducts cleaned. Small particles will inevitably circulate throughout your entire system, including your ducts. And with a pet in the home, there will be more of them. Every few years, have your HVAC technician inspect your ductwork to determine if duct cleaning is warranted. 

Fence off your outdoor AC unit. If you leave your pets unattended in the yard, you can help keep them and your air conditioner safe by creating a breathable barrier around your outdoor unit.